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Maestro Society ($2,500 and above)

Dawn Haney Bauer
Charles Nelson Robinson Fund
Conning, Inc.
DECD/ Connecticut Office of the Arts
Ensworth Charitable Foundation
The Richard P. Garmany Fund at the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving
Greater Hartford Arts Council
William and Alice Mortensen Foundation
Northwest Community Bank
The Edward C. & Ann T. Roberts Foundation
St. Francis Hospital and Medical Center
Frank and Jane von Holzhausen

Baton Society ($1,000 – $2,499)

Wendy Begansky
Susan Adams and John Czepiel
Richard Coffey and Jason Charneski
Joanne and Don Huelsman
Joan Hultquist and Ron Motter
David R. Lesieur
Adlyn and Ted Loewenthal
George and Grace Long Foundation
Bob and Ami Montstream
Michael and Janet Suisman Community Access Fund

Guarantors ($500 – $999)

Baker, Newman, Noyes, CPA
Edwin Below and André Oberlé
Joyce and Harold Buckingham
Don and Nancy Clark
Barbara O. David
Martin Dodd
Susan and Robert Gold
John and Janet Gregor
Brian and Kim Grogan
Mary Ann Haar
Nina Hinchee
Opera Theater of Connecticut
Mr. and Mrs. Noel Osowiecki
Eric and Jennifer Palmer
Mrs. Millard H. Pryor, Jr.
Dougla Pyrke and Jack Fairchild
Edith and Jim Tresner

Benefactors ($250 – $499)

Gayle Amato and Jerome Lusa
James R. Barry
Phillip I. Blumberg Fund
Inga Buhrmann
Kathy and Chick Chamberlin
Joseph A. Coray
Sandra K. Davis and Scott R. Ragalia
Kristen L. Fallon
Eileen M. Figueroa Trust
Landy Gobes
Mr. and Mrs. Martin D. Guyer
Hill-Stead Museum
Richard and Beverly Hughes
William and Betty Knorr
Irene Loretto
Jeanine and Robert Lovendale
Mary and Dick Loyer
George and Arwen Norman
Mr. and Mrs. Willard F. Pinney, Jr.
PW Power Systems
Stephanie E. Rosener, M.D.
Jim and Patricia Ryan
Simsbury Bank
Ruthanne and Dan Sullivan
Kathryn Tabachnick
Richard and Marcia Tecca
The Auerbach Schiro Foundation
Wex Health

Patrons ($75 – $249)

Amazon Smile
Carol Allen
Ann Amato
Stanley F. Battle
Stewart C. Battle
Robert Bausmith and Jill Peters-Gee, M.D.
Delores R. Begansky
Beman Hardware
Jan R. Birsch
Robert and Salli-Jo Borden
David Bradley and Kathleen Schiano
Silvia and Robert Brinkerhoff
Lena L. Bristow
Judith Brown
Claire and Bob Burnett
Jason Charneski
Adriana and Jerry Chichester
Brian and Ellen Clarke
Jonathan Clune
Frances A. Cobb
Charles and Margaret Coe
Michael and Patricia Colburn
Collinsville Savings Society
Commercial Floring Concepts, Inc.
CT Humanities
Leslie and Gertrude Desmangles
Mary Lee Duff
Michael and Nuala Dunne
Ben and Jean Esselink
Sara W. Felter
Fillmore Express. Inc
Elizabeth and David Flynn
Steven and Danielle Foint
Rachel Garron and Scott Schoem
Granby Education Foundation
Pierre and MaryEllen Guertin
George M. Guignino
Gregory and Joyce Hall
Gregory and Kelly Hall
Shepherd M. Holcombe, Jr.
Christine Winter and David Howe
Frisha Hugessen
Ken and Ruth Jacobson
Mathew and Valerie Jasinski
Sarah Hagar and Dennis Johnston
Robert G. Jones
Lisa and Thomas Kean
Michael J. Keating
Karen A. Kelleher
David and Peggy Kilgore
Jim and Deb Knorr
Gail Langenus
Peter H. Levine
Nancy and Mike Lindberg
Diane Link
Alexander Lubka
Robert Lussier
C. K. Mackay
Carol Mader
Magna Physical Therapy
Stephen Malo
Nancy L. Mandly
Arthur Masi
Walter and Anne Mayo
R. Cinque and M. McGregor
Janet Miner
Musical Club of Hartford
Louis and Gloria Nuechterlein
Linda and Jim Olbrys
Rod and Deb Pelletier
Jane Penfield
Karen E. Pizzoferrato
Susan V. W. Pollock
Susan Porta
John and Rebecca Rafferty
Reynolds Subaru
Lalitha Shivaswamy
Mary A. Simon M.D.
Thomas Stickney and David Westfall
Melanie and Jake Subin
Lauren Torres Lambert
Gordon and Marlene Turnbull
William Warner-Prouty
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Weed
Richard and Maureen Wenner
Edith Wilhelm
Alfred Wilke
Raymond and Sarah Winter
Elizabeth Woodard
Yun Sook Yoon
Thomas Zidel

Friends (up to $74)

Richard and Alice Anderson
Barbara Belden
Susan L. Belle-Isle
Jeffrey Blanchette
Squire and Carol Bressor
Lynne and Jonathan Brill
Hester L. Broad
Sandra Buschmann
Geroge Carbonell
James R. Carey
Lorraine Cetto
Connecticut Bankers Association
William T. Conroy
Laura B. Cook
Janice Crowe
Jane Currie
Ronald M. Dearstyne
Kenneth Demers
Jean F. Filer
Lance Fradette
Gerry Giscon
Jennie C. Grasso
Jim and Pat Haefs
Michael Hardesty
Callender Heminway
Dreda Hendsey
Lotte Hershfield
Suzanne M. Hertel
David Hoenig
Helen and Don Hughlett
Herbert and Carol Hulbert
Mark Izard
Stephen Jewell
Eve Kaplan
Al Kennedy
Ed Kloehn
John and Sara Koziol
Borys Krupa
Kyle Living Trust
Evan Lambert
Catherine A. Little
Dennis Lobo
Warren L. Markey
Leta W. Marks
Vaughn Mauren
Cynthia Mellon
Jane Miller
Mark Miller and Peggy Vagts
Laurie A. Miner
Sharon Miner
Gayle E. Moraski
Lisa Nappi
Thomas L. Nystrom
Tom and Enid Oberholtzer
Greg and Susan Orred
Pamela Perry
Allan B. Reiskin
Thomas and Deborah Reith
River Valley Wealth Management
Robert Hensley & Associates, LLC
Marian Rowles
Richard J. Russe
Melanie Russell
Beverly Sager
Richard Savage
Susan and James Shapley
Susan Shoepflin
Eliott Shyer
Lucia Spada
Thomas Flanigan and Jonathan Stone
Joelene and Bob Teittinen
Thomas Trask
MacDara Tynan
Louise Wilder
Elaine and Richard Wilson
Penny Young
Shirley and Robert Young

In Memoriam

Dan Anthony
Kenneth L. Broad
Candido and PacinaD’Occhio
Joseph Diamond
Dr. and Mrs. Percy L. Miller
Jane Scott


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