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  • Conductor’s Circle – $1,000+
  • Guarantors – $600 – $999
  • Benefactors – $350 – $599
  • Sustainers – $200 – $349
  • Patrons – $75 – $199
  • Friends – Up to $75

Conductor’s Circle

Dawn Bauer
Richard Coffey
Joanne and Don Huelsman
Frank and Jane von Holzhausen


Joyce and Harold Buckingham
Peter G. and Patricia K. Carey
Don and Nancy Clark
Walter and Anne Mayo
Eric and Jennifer Palmer
Richard and Marcia Tecca


Simeon and Marlys Austin
Barbara O. David
Sandra K. Davis and Scott R. Ragalia
Rachel Garron and Scott Schoem
Landy Gobes
Matthew and Monica Hoffman
Joan B. Hultquist
Bob and Ami Montstream
Mrs. Millard H. Pryor, Jr.
Dougla Pyrke and Jack Fairchild
Carin Cruise-Roos and Norman H. Roos
Edith and Jim Tresner


John Czepiel and Susan Adams
David Bradley and Kathleen Schiano
Silvia and Robert Brinkerhoff
Kathy and Chick Chamberlin
Shirley A. Cram
Janet Duchaine
Michael and Nuala Dunne
Mr. and Mrs. Martin D. Guyer
Richard and Beverly Hughes
Ken and Ruth Jacobson
David R. Lesieur
Adlyn and Ted Loewenthal
Mary and Dick Loyer
Patricia A. McCoy
Linda and Jim Olbrys
Mr. and Mrs. Noel Osowiecki
Willard and Sigita Pinney
Hal Rives
Stephanie E. Rosener, M.D.
David M. and Linda H. Roth
Chris and Lisa Skomorowski
Loretta W. and John H. Trumbull
Douglas H. and Priscilla B. Viets


Ann Amato
Gayle Amato
James R. Barry
Stewart C. Battle
Ronald and Wendy Begansky
Lynne and Jonathan Brill
Norita and Ollie Bunch
Briane and Ellen Clarke
Michael Colburn
Laura B. Cook and Dennis Paul Himes
Ruth L. Dagg
Leslie and Gertrude Desmangles
Don and Nancy Evans
Evelyn Farbman
Rudy and Catherine Fiorillo
Laura and Peter Frenzel
Delores P. Graham
Pierre and MaryEllen Guertin
Cecily Cahill and Virginia Hughes, Jr.
Helen and Don Hughlett
Mathew and Valerie Jasinski
Karen A. Kelleher
Peter H. Levine
Nancy Mandly
Diane L. Northrop
Greg and Susan Orred
Susan V. W. Pollock
Elizabeth Regal
Thomas and Deborah Reith
Richard Riddle
Patricia and Jim Ryan
Richard A. Stratton
Larry and Judy Terrell
Chris and Kathy Toldsorf
Mark and Dawn von Mayrhauser
John and Lynn Wadhams
Christopher Weed
Richard and Maureen Wenner
Louise Wilder
Raymond and Sarah Winter


Richard and Alice Anderson
Edwin Below and André Oberlé
Carol H. Bennett
Romeo J. Bernier
Dr. Sybille Brewer
Hester L. Broad
Inga Buhrmann
Lorraine Cetto
Barbara B. Clark
Frances A. Cobb
Bonnie and Brad Collins
Timothy H. Coppage
Barbara Taylor and Brian Czak
Helen N. Douglas
Jane B. Dworshak
Mary-Jane Eisen and Robert Yass
Jahn and Mary Facey
Jean F. Filer
Donna M. Frezza
Diana Garcia
Jim and Pat Haefs
Shepherd M. Holcombe, Jr.
Theodore and Nancy Johnson
James and Jane Knox
John and Sara Koziol
Paula and Wolfgang Kuenzler
Beverley J. Manning
Mr. and Mrs. R. Darton Marchant
Mark Miller and Peggy Vagts
Janet Miner
Joseph and Carmen Ness
Allan B. Reiskin
Helen Roth
Melanie Russell
Edith and Edward Savage
Jennifer and Jeffrey Segal
Early and Tutch Shirane
Brian Slapinsky
Karen and Howard Sprout
Lee and Tom Terry
Beatrice 0. Ukraincik
John F. Woolley, Jr.
Shirley and Robert Young
Judith A. Zavatsky

In Memoriam

Dan Anthony
Kenneth L. Broad
Candido and PacinaD’Occhio
Joseph Diamond
Dr. and Mrs. Percy L. Miller
Jane Scott


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